Mission u Training

Mission u Training Event in Pittsburgh

In preparation for our Conference Mission u Schools, a team went to Pittsburgh PA for training the first weekend in May.  Study Leaders Marti Fischer and Leeda Marsh for both Cazenovia and Silver Bay, and youth and children leaders for Cazenovia Tammy Verity and Michael Terrell were joined with the Deans and Assistant Deans Patricia Briggs and Ilah Sisson Walser, Carlene Doane and Cindy Van Allen.  An intensive study program, worship, and meetings filled the weekend.  Each person will be bringing back all kinds of meaningful experiences and lots of information to share at the Mission u Schools to be held in July and September.  Please refer to the brochures for further information.  Our study leader for Missionary a Conferences, Sharon Schmidt is recertified through on online process during the second year of the course.
2018 Missionu team in Pittsburg training